A detailed conversation takes between half to two hours. If interested, please make an appointment.



    A telephone advice is useful if you want to speak about some issue or decision for need help. As a rule, 15 to 25 minutes is sufficient. The consultation can also be guided via Skype.



    Written questions and discussions, I answer via email. You send me your request with the required data via e-mail. If the situation is more complex, we clarify your questions in advance by telephone from.



The astrological interpretation based on a horoscope. The chart is calculated for a specific time at a specific location and is in a simplified form from the position of the planets as seen from Earth. Therefore the astrological observation is initially independent of the individual's own view.

The astrological interpretation can help you to understand the context of developments, opportunities and crises. In general people see this events to be random and just as "fate" means.

The dominant, scientific worldview negates a determination. The Esoteric is characterized by boundless naivete. Both worldviews seduce the people to God-like attitude, anything is possible, everything is permitted. Thus, the person loses consciousness and the vital measure. If he meets in crises to his limits, he don´t understand his destiny.

The astrological interpretation is only an offer to the individual to explain what is happening. The basic astrological counseling requires a conversation about two hours. I will answer individual questions and information by phone or in writing.

Thus the Astrology is not just a tool of knowledge, but a method of for the forecasts of personal and global developments.

  • Astrology, greek

    ἄστρον [astron] Stern | λόγος [logos] Lehre | meaning star
  • Horoscop, greek

    ὥρα [hora] hour | σκοπεῖν [skopéin] observe | lookout