It is a key finding of the people, that the relationship between heaven and earth are interpretable. It starts with simple insights such as the Moon and continues in complex cycles of the sun, moon and the planets.

The question arising from this are connected like the philosophers of ancient Greece to think about "what" and not on "how". Therefore, the language for the interpretation and understanding is essential.

The Astrology is a tool of knowledge, which describes the world in their contexts. Space and time are the causes of this being.

The Astrology is thus not of the person and is not bound to a person or their needs. Space and time can be obtained at one time point in the image of destiny.

Thus, the Astrology has nothing to do with psychology or something esoteric. When the term "Astrology" is still used in this combination, it is always a sure sign that either the psychologist or the so-called astrologer worthless.

There are many representations of the history of Astrology. However, these are mainly created by art historians and philologists. They describe the documents, but they do not capture the undocumented work.

It is also common that people can only be described as an astronomer, mathematician and physicist, although their astrological activities, the focus and the aforementioned sciences constitute the necessary auxiliary sciences for Astrology. That's a long list of names, in many important kings and emperors are found.



My way turned 1985 to the Astrology. My interests were at first of the music is to music theory, the rhythm and numerical proportions, how they discovered the Phytagorärer, for harmonic basic research by Hans Kaiser, ancient ideas, all sorts of links and then to the Astrology of the "Munich Rhythm Theory" by Wolfgang Dobereiner.

That was a consequent beginning of the exit.


After more than twenty years of teaching include the transfer of results and cognitions for me a obvious duty to enable this thinking to other areas and ways for an independent life.