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«Revolutions announce themselves in the stars.» Ernst Jünger


This website presents my activities in the field of astrology. This includes consulting, forecasting, scheduling, research and teaching.

My experiences from the theory and practice of astrology allow an overall assessment of the far-reaching importance of astrology in history and at present.

With this I hope to be able to convey, at least in the beginning, the essence of astrology and astrological thinking, providing an outline that has not been watered down by trivialization and commercialization or combined with psychology.



Online Course Astrology 15. till 18. June 2023

Poster Equinox 2021:

Poster Equinox 2021:


On the one hand, my astrological activity is based on insights and methods that have been documented for more than 2,500 years, and on the other hand, it shows new methods of forecasting and interpretation that go far beyond

In addition, I provide an insight into results and possibilities. Proof of the effectiveness and efficiency of astrological thinking is not the intention of this place. This should not confuse any critic of astrology in his sceptical attitude or mislead others into a belief.

If you want to know more, here is a presentation of the story.

Wolfgang Hauck