The basics of astrology is the horoscope. It is a simplified representation of the calculated from the planet as seen from earth. Here, the positions of the planets are transferred to the astrological zodiac.

It is an essential human knowledge, that the relationship between heaven and earth are interpretable. These start with simple contexts such as the Moon and is in complex cycles of the planets continues.

The zodiac is derived from the path of the sun and consists of the famous twelve Zodiac. This zodiac sign is the division of the ecliptic. The constellations of astronomy are something else. These are compounds of fixed stars such as the «big bear» or the «large car», which can be seen in the night sky.

«Astra inclinant, non necessitant.» It is truth on that's known latin phrase about the Astrology. The planets do not not force, the state are doing this and other collectives..



astrological assessment based on the information of the time and place of an event or just the birth of a person. Please note times and dates associated with your questions related. This is for example the timing of an idea, a conversation or a first encounter.

Some questions I can also answer only with the date of the day. This applies to operations such as business start-ups, contracts and legal agreements.


Their exact birth details you usually get from your registrar's office of your birthplace.

For the evaluation of qualities of a place I need the geographical coordinates: longitude and latitude. This information can be measured by a meter or GPS navigation device. Some coordinates can also be about "Google Earth" or a route program determined with sufficient accuracy.