A detailed research is a part of the initial consultation. This begins with the review of the birth time. This is often the introduction to the astrological consultation. Rare, but again, there are also differences of more than twenty minutes or even hours if the valid time zones are not clearly identify.


    Many events in our life are repeated. Annually or at longer intervals. Not always identical, but with the same characteristics. These correlations are in everyday life is rare. With the temporal analyze we came to know the life of the structure and understand.


    The older you get, the more one becomes aware of how inherited experiences impact our lives. You notice how these ancestral experiences shape one's own life or have coined. Only when you know the origin of these experiences, you can deal with them.



An example: A woman comes in the woods on an icy road into a skid. The car turns over a total loss. It remains unharmed, but is shocked, confused, insecure. Now she wants to know, why did such a thing happens, it means something?

Another example: A father does not understand his daughter. The daughter sought from humble in the French high aristocracy, and she manages to marry. Now it employs the question whether is there any truth in the rumor that his father would be illegitimate, but noble descendant of the royal bavarian family?


In the first instance, the question can be answered on the calculation of past events. It astrologically related, earlier event times are calculated, corresponding to the current stage of life. So then can a relationship be demonstrated that defies the normal perception.

Who would keep it because it possible that a car accident at age 43igsten with a fall of the mother in infancy is in a connection? Concerns for which there are revelations that make one's own destiny recognizable. The demands on parents and relatives give many details, so that each person receives a comprehensible image of the situation is. Thus, one's destiny can only be understood.



What have the ancestors of our present? More than you think. The genetic inheritance is a visible part of what is being passed on.


The astrological methods you can determine the origin and familial relationships and dating. Thus, conflicts and crises are classified earlier generations.


Experiences also be inherited. These determine unrecognized, their own actions, desires and fears. It is better to know where you stand.


Recurring dates or figures are often striking. But you have to tell whether it is effective relationships. Often it can be even more significant if just no obvious correlations exist.

  • Astrology, greek

    ἄστρον [astron] Stern | λόγος [logos] theory | meaning star
  • Horoscop, greek

    ὥρα [hora] hour | σκοπεῖν [skopéin] observe | lookout